About The FNA

Our mission is to serve our families and neighbors by promoting community activities, civic involvement, education, and safety by fostering the smart growth of our unique and diverse riverfront neighborhood.


What is the FNA?

The Fishtown Neighbors Association is a 501c3 and the registered civic organization (RCO) that serves the needs of the Fishtown neighborhood in Philadelphia. The FNA is run entirely by unpaid volunteers, and all Fishtown residents and business owners are welcome to attend meetings and get involved.

What does the FNA do?

The FNA promotes community, civic involvement, and smart growth of our unique and diverse riverfront neighborhood. We work with neighbors to beautify our streets, put on community-building events, improve safety and wellbeing, facilitate local zoning matters, and bring resources to the neighborhood.

FNA Bylaws

Who is the FNA?

YOU are the FNA. Anyone who lives or owns a business within Fishtown’s boundaries (see map below) can join! Whether you’re new to the neighborhood or a lifelong resident, the FNA is your community group. Those who live outside the official neighborhood boundaries are also welcome to participate.

Should I get involved?

Do you want to have a voice in Fishtown’s future? Whether you’ve lived here all your life or just arrived, getting involved in the FNA is a great way to help shape the way Fishtown grows and changes. You can help make your neighborhood a better place by joining the FNA today!

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Where is Fishtown?
Do you live in Fishtown?

Our neighborhood’s borders are: from the Delaware River to Laurel Street, Laurel Street to Front Street, Front Street to Norris Street, Norris Street to Trenton Avenue, Trenton Avenue to Frankford Avenue, Frankford Avenue to York Street, and York Street to the Delaware River.

(All border streets include odd and even addresses.)