In 2015 the Penn Treaty Special Services District (PTSSD) provided the Fishtown Neighbors Association with a grant to fund a Strategic Plan for the organization to help redefine its role in the neighborhood and establish achievable goals for the next 3-5 years. The FNA surveyed the Community, held countless Board and Committee meetings, and labored over this plan for nearly a year. We are proud to share this plan with the Community and encourage everyone to be active participants in its implementation and development.

The plan is organized around four goals:

  1. Establish Fishtown Neighbors Association as the representative, unified voice of all Fishtown residents.
  2. Position Fishtown Neighbors Association as the go-to resource and information hub for Fishtown-based organizations.
  3. Serve as the steward of residents’ shared vision of responsible development in Fishtown.
  4. Ensure Fishtown Neighbors Association has the human and financial resources to support robust programming and fulfill its organizational goals.

Our Vision: A vibrant, thriving, and unified Fishtown.

Our Mission: To connect Fishtown neighbors, preserve Fishtown’s unique character, and honor our community’s shared vision for its future.

Our Strategic Plan can be viewed HERE

The Fishtown Neighbors Association is an all-volunteer, registered 501c3 Non-Profit and designated Registered Community Organization for the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia. If you are interested in taking time out of your day to improve your neighborhood, reach out to us via the Contact page to find out more about how you can help the organization grow.