Get Involved

If you live or work in Fishtown, the Fishtown Neighbors Association needs your voice! Whether you can spare an hour a week or an hour a month, whether you’ve lived here all your life or you’ve just arrived, whatever your age, occupation, language, or background, your participation makes a difference.


Join the FNA and help shape Fishtown’s future. Anyone 18 or older who lives or owns a business in Fishtown (see map) is welcome to join. We hold member meetings at 7 PM on the third Wednesday of every month, usually at the Fishtown Rec Center.


What do you have to give? Whether you’re great at getting the word out about events, organizing behind the scenes, or pitching in to carry kegs and build stages, we’d love your help. You can volunteer by joining any of our event and activity committees.

Donate & Shop

Our activities are funded by the generosity of others. Support the FNA by buying one of our iconic “fish” signs for your home, or pick up a few pint glasses with the FNA logo to drink your local brews in style. All donations and proceeds go to helping the FNA fund community efforts and events!