New to the neighborhood? Looking for help with a problem?
Below are some resources we hope you will find helpful!

General Questions

When are FNA meetings?

Member meetings are usually held the third Wednesday of every month, Community Zoning meetings are usually held the first three Tuesdays of every month, and Beautification, Zoning, and Safety Committee meetings are usually held once a month.

Check out our Community Calendar every month for specifics on dates and times!!

How can I find a specific business or service in our area?

The New Kensington Community Development Corporation (NKCDC) publishes a local business directory to help neighbors find what they are looking for right in our community.

Who is my City Council Person?

Fishtown spans over three City Council districts:

Council District 1 – Mark Squilla
Council District 5 – Darrell Clarke
Council District 7 – Maria Quinones-Sanchez

A map to determine which City Council District your address falls in is here.

Additionally, Philadelphia has seven at-large city council members that represent the interests of the entire city.

Visit City Council’s website for more information on your district and at-large council representatives.

Are there any local papers in Fishtown?

Yup! The Star and the Spirit are the two local papers that keep us up-to-date on the latest news and happenings around Fishtown and the River Wards.

How can I safely get rid of my unused medications?

You can now safely dispose of your unused medications at the 26th District, every day of the year. The district now has a medicine drop box in the lobby, and it is accessible 24/7. Just stop in with your medications and place them in the box, no questions asked.

What resources are available for beautification efforts in Philadelphia?

Keep Philadelphia Beautiful, a local nonprofit, helps communities improve physical and visual aspects of their neighborhood. Check out their Community Cleanup Resource Guide for great tips and information on how to help keep Fishtown and all of Philadelphia amazing!

Also, the City’s Community Life Improvement Program provides volunteer groups with resources to do cleanups.

Where can I find information about hyperlocal conservation efforts?

Right here at Sustainable 19125 & 19134.

If I want to recycle a car, who can I call?

Vehicles for Veterans or Wheels for Wishes.

There is an overflowing clothing collection bin nearby. Who can I call?

The City is cracking down on these unsightly bins…and by cracking down, we mean tearing down. If you come across one of these unsightly bins, please email Sgt. Massi. He will report it to L & I and have it taken down.

How do I get a permit for a block party?

The Streets Department has made it much easier for residents to schedule a block party. Residents can now complete the block party permit process on-line. So, we expect to see more Fishtown block parties this spring and summer!

Safety and Quality of Life Questions

What if I have a non-emergent, but important issue to report?

To report non-emergencies (graffiti, abandoned cars, potholes, etc), contact 311. You can call 311 (215-686-8686 from mobile), or submit a request online. You can also download the 311 phone app. Select the category that applies to your request (rubbish removal, illegal dumping, etc), and provide as much detailed information as possible, including an exact address and a photo if you have one. Hang onto the tracking number the city provides you in case you need to follow up.

How do I know whether to call 911? 

911 is for all crime calls, even if the situation is not urgent. For example, if you wake up to find your car window has been smashed, call 911 even though the crime is already “over.”

How do I get police to respond?

When you call 911 to report a crime, be as specific as possible about what you see. Don’t say, “I think someone is breaking into cars” if you see a person trying door handles. Tell the 911 operator you see a person wearing X trying car door handles. If the situation escalates before police respond, call 911 again.

How do I contact the police for a non-emergency?

If it’s an emergency, call 911 immediately. Otherwise, the 26th District Police covers Fishtown. Their contact information is available on their  website.

What is SafeCam?

SafeCam is a program that allows residents and businesses to install security cameras and register them with the Philadelphia Police Department. If a crime occurs in the area, police may contact you to review your footage during that time period. Install your cameras first, then enroll here.